General Description

SEWON has produced many kinds of Coupling since 1976.
Our technical capacity in this field is highly appreciated in many quarters concerned, as attested by our successful supply of Couplings for pipe joint.
SEWON Sliding Type Couplings, because of there great flexibility and economy, are steadily re-placing the flanged pipe connections in today's plants and ships
Unlike flanged joints, Se-Won Sliding Type Couplings not only eliminate the need for costly welding, but also compensate for extreme degrees of pipe linear expansion, vibration and laying deflection.

- Sliding Type Couplings are designed for plain ended pipes.
- Sliding Type Couplings are manufactured to suit KS, JIS, ANSI and GRP pipes
- All you need is a spanner as for site jointing equipment.
- The extreme simplicity of our design assures you of Se-Won Sliding Type Couplings which will be assembled quickly, easily and accurately every time.

- Sea water pipe system
- Fresh water system
- Fire wash deck system
- Fuel oil system
- Air vent system
- Exhaust gas piping system
- Bilge & Ballasting system
- Electric conduit piping system

‌Part information

 No         Name                                       Material
 1      Middle Ring                Ductile Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
 2      Follower                      Ductile Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
 3      Packing                       N.B.R., VITON, TEFLON
 4      Setting Bolts/Nuts     Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
 5      Stop Bolts/Washer     Stainless Steel
 6      Size                            ND 50~800A