General Description

IMO MSC/Circ. 677/1009, MSC.1/Circ. 1324, ISO 16852
300A~800A,  JIS, ANSI, DIN etc FLANGE
Material - Body : Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
              - Screen : Stainless Steel

Flame Screen is usually install at vent mast and protects tank from flame, by being equipped into the pipe lines, gas duct lines and vent riser of the tank where inflammable gas are stored, and are a very important device to prevent the flame occurred due to explosion, and ignition that is happened when inflammable gas is changed up to the temperature of flashing point owing to the influence of operation of equipment or surrounding environment, etc. 

When the flame screen is damaged or tank pressure is higher than normal condition due to
occurred from vapour gas or other matters, it should be cleaning or exchanging.
The procedure of dismantling is as followers

1) Loosen the hex. nut and washer on the cover.
2) Dismantle the cover.
3) Flame screen assembly lifts it off.
4) Clean or exchange the flame screen assembly.
The parts are to be assembled in the reverse sequence.